Delter Coffee Press
Delter Coffee Press
Delter Coffee

Delter Coffee Press

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Introducing the Delter Coffee Press! A new way to brew coffee that is faster, cleaner and delivers better tasting coffee.

Unlike other similar looking devices the Delter Press doesn't brew via immersion. Due to the water and coffee being kept apart in separate chambers you control when agitation and extraction starts, giving you more control. You also control water flow and thus allows you to pre-infuse your coffee very accurately.

Do you like to control your manual brewing variables and play with recipes and ratios? The Delter Press is your answer.

The Delter Press comes with a pack of paper filters.

To find out more visit them here.

Side note: THIS IS NOT AN AEROPRESS. Despite there being some visual design similarities, the Delter Press and Aeropress follow very different brew methods to achieve their results.

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