We have a beautiful café space, in a business lounge, in an office park... Basically we exist in a Russian doll set and we are the cute and tiny one right in the middle.

A beautiful, stylish and relaxed setting. Free and fast WiFi. Aircon for any weather. Board rooms for hire. Specialty coffee and food menu (dine-in or takeaway). Safe and secure and FREE parking. Easy access to Northern suburbs and roads. Shall we go on?

We can satisfy numerous needs. Pop in and say hello! Or if you're a bit lazy, take a virtual tour here (our pretty faces are not included in this tour sorry!).

We are situated at The Pavilion, Fountain Grove Office Park, 5 Second Road, Hyde Park, Jhb.

The Pavilion @ Fountain Grove Office Park

Coffee counter and where you charming smiles and free high fives!

   Cafe seating area    Not so secret secret garden

Jemima Lounge

   COFFEE!   Bam!