Hario V60 Pour-Over 02 Dripper Ceramic

Hario V60 Pour-Over 02 Dripper Ceramic

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The Hario brand is synonymous with specialty coffee, and the Hario V60 pour-over dripper is perhaps one of the most iconic manual brew devices. Although there are numerous accessories to go with your V60, all you really need is a cup to stand it on and paper filters and you’re good to go.

Pour-over brewing gives you full control of the variables when making a cup of coffee, delivering something very different to what you would get in an espresso. This type of “filter” coffee truly highlights the characteristics of a coffee which is why those select and special coffees work so well in this device. This 02 size can brew 1-4 cups. (Paper filters sold separately).

Here are some great tutorials/recipes to try with your Hario V60:

Scott Rao's V60 Method

Tim Wendelboe's V60 Method

Tetsu Katsuya's V60 Method

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