Run Rabbit Run Burundi Gitwe Natural 250g
Run Rabbit Run Burundi Gitwe Natural 250g
Run Rabbit Run Burundi Gitwe Natural 250g
Run Rabbit Run

Run Rabbit Run Burundi Gitwe Natural 250g

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Like many naturals, this coffee also presents a seemingly mystifying fruit bowl of flavours, both fragrantly and on the palate. It's undeniably pleasurable. An already silky body has been enhanced by spending some extra time through the yellow to browning phase of the roast. The roaster notes there is a real stewed autumn fruits and cream experience. You'll struggle to find a brew method that this coffee does not work well with. Be sure to let it cool right down to get the most of its potential.
  • Region: Gitwe
  • Country: Burundi
  • Cooperative: Gatanga
  • Producer: Longmiles Coffee Project, Heza washing station
  • Varieties: Arabica SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11 & Batian – peaberry
  • Altitude: 1,800-2100 masl
  • Processing: Natural


Run Rabbit Run is a micro roastery based in Cape Town, they aim to showcase the versatility of coffee as a whole while also being expressive of the unique characteristics of different origins. Working with local and international suppliers this roastery does not want to build an empire, but deliberately wants to stay small to stay true to itself and its vision. That dedication is evident in the cup. 

For more information on Run Rabbit Run visit them here.

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