Hello and Coocoocachoo to you!

The first blog post on a new website is always an interesting read.

So much information, so much excitement and personal reflections, origin stories for days, so much ideology and promises of what’s to come, so much antici…

We’re itching to jump into all of that, but our restraint is one of our strongest qualities, so can you just wait a minute?

So, will we conform to the norm, will we deliberately digress, we can’t say but here’s a dinosaur skipping rope...

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Granted that might hurt our search engine optimisation in terms of relevance, but we think it’s worth it. We don’t aim to be deliberate contrarians, but revel in frivolity from time to time, sometimes meaningless fun is enough. 

Coocoocachoo was born as a rough concept nearly a decade ago, a concept surrounded by passions including coffee, food, art, design, community and comfort. It has been stuck in our head, growing and becoming more difficult to put off or ignore. The word itself came across our path per chance and was a literary ear worm, we just loved how it sounded and felt rolling over our tongues. Without any specific definition it became the perfect embodiment of a broad-based concept we hoped to one day bring to life and share with likeminded people. In essence, we exist to create whimsical experiences.

(Image: Edward Hopper - Nighthawks)

Our happy place lives inside intimate moments.

There’s something so “sticky” about memorable experiences, they stay with you for years, maybe even form who you are or who you become. So many of our memorable experiences are anchored in intimate social gatherings or even those perfect moments of solitude. Yet they almost always involve a cup of coffee, a taste experience, or something that was multi-sensorial, something distinct.

When it comes to coffee, restraint is definitely required, we might have drafted a sonnet to coffee and written a few love letters to the coffee farmers across the world. For now, for the sake of brevity, let’s just say we have a deep and meaningful connection with specialty coffee which goes beyond the delectable daily ritual of consumption. We will be exploring various facets of coffee from the current third wave movement and it's future, to basic education to weird and wonderful coffee stuff from around the world. This will allow us to help people drink better coffee, become informed about specialty coffee should they be novices, while also sharing our passion with the group of people who don’t need any convincing and just want to gush about the latest roast profile from such and such.

When it comes to food, we like to pick the odd thing on any menu, to try something new or different, which means we’re also often annoyed when said item is “out of stock” because who orders that anyway?! Yet our sense of culinary adventure is balanced by nostalgia, because ouma’s plaatkoekies taste like happy childhood memories wrapped in hugs. There is something special when something basic is just done right. This balance between classic comfort and adventurous curiousity drives our passion for food and constitutes the selection of products we want to share with you.

We love clever and whimsical ideas. There is something fun and frivolous about novelty, and the temporary nature of novelty trends fascinates us. To be honest, novelty can serve a purpose but we believe that can only be achieved once novelty turns into utility. Coffee in a cone, mac&cheese on everything, sushi burritos or waffle wraps – yeah we’ll have a taste, but probably only once, and once is probably not enough to build your business on. Who’s queueing for ice cream cookie sandwiches in winter!? We’ll play with similar trends, albeit temporary to have some fun, move on and remain focused on our core areas. Generally, we love to be surprised with interesting products that make us go “that’s cool, WANT!”

“Nothing ever goes according to plan” has been a tough lesson to learn over the years, but tenacity is one thing even stronger than our restraint. What you’ll see on these pages is the genesis of our dream becoming reality. The first phase in many elements we have planned and prepared for. No doubt we’ll have to adapt as we go along and learn what works and what doesn’t. “Feedback is a gift” might be a vomit-inducing cliché, but one we do believe in, share your thoughts with us via the various platforms so we can be better and stay true to ourselves and you. Honestly, we can’t wait to get going and we have SO many cool things planned, please keep coming back, we promise it’ll be worth it.

So welcome to Coocoocachoo, enjoy your time here and come back ‘mkay?


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